The stories you hear! But really, the home improvement business has always been this way. You get amateurs working out of the back of a truck. They may not have insurance. Their help may not have Worker’s Comp insurance and more. You really don’t know where they’re from (Anyone can put a street address on a website. Do they have a retail location you can visit?), so you’re hoping they are legit. So here’s some things that are common sense and common practice to consider:

Call at least three companies for prices. Be wary of the “lowballer” with “lower overhead”. There’s a reason they can undercut… How?

1) Ask to see a current copy their certificate of insurance for liability and their…
2) Worker’s Comp coverage certificate. What if they back their truck into something or a worker gets hurt on your property? YOU shouldn’t be worried over that.
3) Ask to see their Virginia Contractor’s License. If someone ‘acting’ as a contractor cannot produce those documents, beware. You may use that link to search for ours: #2705169578

Ask each contractor for at least three references. Then call those references! “But they aren’t going to give me the name of someone that they had a bad experience with!” Likely not, but call anyhow. Were they respectful? Did they wipe their shoes, take them off or wear foot covering? Did they clean up well? How did they handle delays? You’d be amazed how much you can learn if you listen.

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